Our vast inventory of Warmachine and Hordes includes the newest releases and rare OOP metal models. Dueling Grounds also carries the complete P3 paint range, No Quarter magazine, the Iron Kingdoms RPG, and all Privateer Press accessories. Our large game room full of tables and scenery is freely available to players. We even offer player lockers for rent so you don't have to lug your armies around. 

Once home to the largest Warmachine and Hordes player community in Toronto, Dueling Grounds is 

again dedicating itself to this awesome game beginning with the launch of 3rd edition rules.

Saturday Meetups

Pick up games* start at 12pm; free to attend.  Anyone is welcome to play, ask questions, or just watch. Come early for a demo. Stay late for the fun! 

*All games count towards the Ladder League if both players are enrolled.

Ladder League

Offical League Kit supported Ladder Leagues run throughout the year for each season. The leader board is proudly displayed in the game room. Entry is $10 and everything beyond the cost of the current League Kit goes towards prizes for the top players.

Learn how to play: online tutorial




Rotten Bounty League   •  October 14 – November 25


Rotten Bounty is a narrative league that focuses on the immediate aftermath of the arrival of the grymkin. Players use special Harvest and Bounty cards during the league that add secret objectives and tricks to their games. Additionally, a selection of narrative scenarios are available for use throughout the league.

The league will run on Saturdays, 12:00-4:00PM, on Oct. 14th, Oct. 28th, Nov. 11th, and Nov. 25th at Dueling Grounds.

$10 entry for the entire length of the league. All entries beyond the cost of the league kit will go toward store credit prizes.

Scenarios will be played with 75 pt army lists and you can change lists (but not factions) between scenarios. Prize kits include Harvest and Bounty cards, as well as Gremlin models for participants to decorate their own models with.